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Diamondback Scapegoat - 2013

Diamondback’s Scapegoat is for riders who spend their weekends shredding bike parks, scouring new freeride lines, and shuttling screaming downhill runs. Its stout 6061-T6 aluminum frame sports the Knuckle Box linkage system for a low center of gravity, while the stiff tapered head tube and burly… [more]

Seven Cycles Sola SL Shimano XT Single - 2017

XC to the bone, Seven's Sola SL is a titanium trail master that artfully navigates singletrack with second-sight agility. Seven chose their Argen double butted-titanium tubing for this frame because of its unique blend of stiffness and compliance, which results in a sublime ride. A legendary… [more]

Fuji SL 1.3 - 2017

Fuji dreamed of designing a skillfully engineered bike that had the lightest, stiffest frame possible, the SL 1.3 is that dream realized. Born out of the quest to create one of the lightest bikes in the world, the featherweight, super-stiff C15 ultra high-modulus carbon frame carries you up steep… [more]

KHS SixFifty 6700 - 2017

Ride the trail with precision, confidence, and speed on KHS's SixFifty 6700. Its stiff, lightweight MSD/MLS full carbon frame is equipped with 150mm of travel engineered with a Fox Factory Float DPS shock out back and a Fox Factory 34 Float fork soaking up another 150mm of terrain in front. It… [more]

Seven Cycles Evergreen SL Shimano Ultegra 6800 - 2017

Seven Cycles' Evergreen SL eats gravel for breakfast, fire roads for dinner, and pavement for a bit of dessert. It's all possible thanks to Seven's Argen double-butted 3-2.5 titanium that chews up and spits out vibration and chatter while keeping overall weight to a minimum. Aggressive yet… [more]

Seven Cycles Redsky S SRAM Red 22 - 2017

When is versatility a bad thing? Seven's Redsky S straddles the space between traditional road bike and mixed-terrain bike. It gives you the ability to ride fast on the road with a 23mm tire, or widen your stance on something like a 32mm tire without disc brakes, in only the time it takes to swap… [more]

Seven Cycles Airheart SRAM RED 22 Hydro - 2017

Seven's Airheart frameset features multi-butted steel tubes that can be dissembled for easy travel and result in an infinitely tailor-able ride that can be adorned with any number of features and options. The butted steel frame soaks up vibration, while remaining stiff enough for power transfer… [more]

Cannondale Jekyll Carbon 2 - 2015
Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (2 Reviews)

Make no compromises, Cannondale’s Jekyll Carbon 2 soars up the climbs and charges the descents. It’s all thanks to the extremely strong, light Ballistec HI-MOD carbon frame that boasts Fox's revolutionary DYAD rear shock that allows you to choose between 160mm or 95mm of travel to best suit the… [more]

Fuji Altamira 1.0 Di2 DA - 2012

Whether the finish line is in the Pyrenees or just at the top of your favorite local climb, Fuji's Altamira 1.0 possesses all the attributes to take you there in the lead. Made from Fuji's impressive D6 carbon, the Altamira's highly-shaped frame and massively oversize BB86 bottom bracket mean… [more]

BMC Teammachine SLR01 (Ultegra Di2) - 2016

With a phenomenal balance of low weight and rapid-fire acceleration, BMC's Teammachine SLR01 is the weapon of choice for grueling climbs and aggressive attacks. The unbelievably lightweight carbon frame is a favorite of World Tour climbers and sprinting specialists alike due to its ingenious… [more]

Scott Addict Gravel 10 Disc - 2017

If you belong to the "Go anywhere, anytime" club, you need to add Scott's Addict Gravel 10 Disc to your quiver and head out to explore the tracks less taken. Superlight IMP construction and HMF carbon fiber join together for a platform that's light, stiff, and responsive while still protecting you… [more]

GT Force Carbon Pro - 2017

Think a rugged, all-mountain rig can’t be light enough to spend all day on the trails? Think again. With Force Optimized Carbon construction adding strength where you need it and a progressive geometry for perfect positioning and precision steering, the Force Carbon Pro is the ideal combination of… [more]

Seven Cycles Sola S Shimano XTR Double - 2017

Seven's Sola S can take your worst and make it the best time you've had on two wheels. It blends stiffness, control, and comfort in a lightweight titanium package that accelerates, climbs, and corners with pro-level authority. This rugged beauty is an excellent choice for stronger and heavier… [more]

BMC speedfox 01 XT/XTR - 2017

For nimble mountain goats and gravity junkies alike, the new Speedfox does it all, ensuring adventure remains the focus of every ride. Efficient and light, this 130mm-travel trail bike is capable of handling the most demanding trails you can find. A Fox 34 Factory Float fork and DPS shock soak up… [more]

Cannondale Scalpel-Si Carbon 1 - 2017

Whether you line up on a start line or are hunting Strava KOMs, Cannondale's Scalpel-Si Carbon 1 has high-speed competition and some extra get-up-and-go ingrained in every fiber of its super stiff, mega-efficient Ballistec HI-MOD carbon frame. Rocks and roots are no big deal with 100mm of RockShox… [more]

Cannondale Scalpel-Si Carbon 2 Eagle - 2018

Cannondale's Scalpel-Si Carbon 2 ascends like an angel and descends like a fiend. The super-stiff Ballistec carbon frame and oversize bottom bracket on the Scalpel-Si come into their own when you need to step on the gas. Rocks and roots are no big deal with 100mm of front and rear travel from a… [more]

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD RED eTAP - 2017

For the ultimate all-around race performance, the SuperSix EVO strikes the perfect balance. Its unrivaled blend of light weight, stiffness, aerodynamics and smooth-riding compliance gives you the winning edge on every part of the race course. Cut the cords with SRAM's groundbreaking eTap wireless… [more]

Scott Contessa Spark RC 700 - 2017

With an impeccable balance of low weight, dialed, nimble handling, and confident, stable steering, Scott's Contessa Spark 700 RC is ready for marathons, cross-country racing, and epic weekends with your crew. The IMP carbon frame accelerates instantly, its short chainstays and Boost rear end keep… [more]

Scott Foil RC - 2017

Stage wins at the Tour, the top of the podium at Milan-San Remo, and the front of the pack at Wednesday Night Worlds; that's where Scott's Foil Premium tends to find itself. Utterly aerodynamic with incredible lateral stiffness and impressively low weight, the Foil Premium is a breakaway artist's… [more]

Scott Spark RC 900 World Cup - 2017

Ignite your dreams of podium finishes with the Scott Spark RC 900 World Cup. The hyper-efficient suspension system is designed for on-course performance and is bolstered by a lightweight carbon frame paired to 29-inch wheels for maximum rollover capability, putting blazing speed and precision… [more]

Lapierre Zesty Trail 829 - 2015

Lapierre's Zesty Trail 829 takes big-wheel excitement to the race course and all-day trail sessions. Its full carbon frame features RockShox's 120mm Monarch RT3 E:i shock that adjusts its travel and stiffness based on computerized input from the movement of the 120mm RockShox SID fork. That means… [more]

Fuji SLM 29 1.1 - 2017

When your goal is to land on the podium, Fuji's SLM 29 will take you there. Constructed of featherweight C15 carbon with oversize tubing for precise steering control and high-speed stability, the SLM achieves an uncompromising balance of speed and capability. The longer top tube and short head tube… [more]

BMC Teamelite 01 (XX1) - 2016

BMC's Teamelite 01 is built to win cross country races. Its stiff, featherweight carbon frame, oversize chainstays, low bottom bracket, and focused geometry allow for whip-like cornering and rocket-like acceleration. Breathe on the pedals and this bike shoots forward, but pedaling efficiency… [more]

BMC teamelite 01 XT Di2 - 2017

The high-performance discipline of cross-country racing has become, quite literally, a race to the top. Grueling, all-out sprints to the finish are supported with bikes whose maximum efficiency and minimum weight ethos pay no heed to compliance – until now. The BMC Teamelite 01 is the culmination… [more]

Kestrel 4000 (Dura-Ace Di2) - 2016

If you're looking for a triathlon bike dedicated to long-distance performance, look no further than Kestrel's 4000. Its high-modulus carbon frame employs radical design to deliver exceptional efficiency through targeted stiffness and aggressive aerodynamic sculpting of tubes and components. The… [more]

Seven Cycles Mudhoney SL SRAM RED 22 - 2017

Seven's Mudhoney SL is so fast you may not even get any mud on you when you fly through the muckiest cross courses. It's custom built with Argen butted titanium tubing for precision handling, easy shouldering, and bump-absorbing compliance. It also sports the features you'd expect from a mud-ready… [more]

Intense Cycles Carbine 29C Pro - 2016

Intense's Carbine 29C Pro Build takes everything you love about 26-inch handling and combines it with the big-wheel rollability and speed 29ers are famous for. Just take a look at the full carbon monocoque frame with 125-140mm of travel courtesy of the JS Tuned suspension and RockShox Monarch Plus… [more]

Intense Cycles Spider 29C Pro - 2016

Intense's Spider 29C Pro Build casts its web all over the mountain with big 29er wheels and adjustable travel for all conditions. Intense's monocoque uni-directional carbon frame features 115-130mm JS Tuned rear suspension and a Fox Performance Elite Float shock that ensures exceptional pedaling on… [more]

Intense Cycles Tracer T275C Pro - 2016

Rip? Shred? There are a lot of words to describe how awesome Intense's Tracer T275C rides, but it's more likely you'll just be left speechless. Your journey down the enduro path starts with the full carbon monocoque frame that's light, responsive, and as aggressive as you are when it comes to… [more]

Bianchi Aquila CV Frameset - 2017

Envisioned by Bianchi's engineers and proven in the wind tunnel, the Aquila CV Frameset puts race-winning tech and an aero edge at your fingertips. The monocoque carbon frame utilizes cutting-edge aerodynamic tube shapes and revolutionary Countervail vibration-canceling material for a ride that's… [more]

164 Results
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